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Vilmers has been a byword for quality and comfort since its founding in 1997. With a devotion to provide the highest quality, Scandinavian inspired, handmade furniture, and having a forward thinking philosophy, they’ve pushed the boundaries of what is possible in furniture design. As a result, it has led them to become one of the most successful and respected furniture brands in Europe. A passion for timeless design, sustainable production and a never ending drive for comfort they are at the forefront of a new push towards nature focused living. Using materials that must adhere to a strict set of ethical and quality guidelines, their furniture is the antithesis of ‘fast fashion’. Enabling them to produce furniture of the highest quality that lasts not just for years, but for generations. With sofa collections incorporating sleek Scandinavian design, innovative fabrics and recyclable coverings across several ranges, from reasonably priced essentials to must-haves for the modern family. All constructed and hand-crafted in their European facilities and with a focus on waste reduction and sustainability, you’ll struggle to find a more conscious furniture brand. So when the world is moving faster around you; keep calm, relax, rest assured and let Vilmers take care of the rest.

Vilmers partners with three world renowned designers

Vilmers are thrilled to announce collaborations with three globally acclaimed design studios: Stan Joly, Böttcher & Kayser and Ian Archer. These partnerships represent a significant milestone for Vilmers as the company continues to push boundaries in innovation, design and craftsmanship.

Vilmers Unveils Furniture Customization Revolution

Vilmers Puts Modularity, Sustainability, and Innovation at the Heart of Furniture Customization. Vilmers, a prominent figure in furniture design, is placing a spotlight on its commitment to modularity, sustainability, and innovation, redefining the way customers experience furniture customization.

Vilmers continued focus on sustainability

Over the past year Vilmers have been concentrating on sustainability whilst also expanding their product range.

Meet comfort

With a renewed focus on nature and the uniqueness of each individual customer, they’ve been given a new way of thinking. Taking inspiration from the outside world they’re bringing nature into your home with a deeper focus on comfort.

Vilmers launch table collection with Böttcher & Kayser

Vilmers have now taken the next step within the world of interior design by launching their very first table collection with Böttcher & Kayser.