Showplace - 2317, Floor 2 Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal) Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse Corporate Phone: 902242672002

Mother Ruggers - aka Orlena Home

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Orlena Home designs and manufactures 100% WASHABLE RUGS as well as beautiful textiles of all types. Our products include WASHABLE thick-luxurious area rugs: flat woven rugs; anti-slip / washable rugs; unique reversible two-sided rugs; our fully machine-washable "Rugs-5-Living Collection"; great kids rugs, flat-woven outdoor rugs, runners: luxurious throws; accent pillows in every price range; a broad selection of UPHOLSTERY FABRICS; products for the hospitality industry and many other high quality textile products. Orlena is a “true factory-direct” supplier. There are no distributors, no middlemen and no added mark-up. Shipments can combine many products and all can ship with together maximizing inventory turns and minimizing freight costs. Orlena provides classic alternatives unaffected by the seasonal trends; our fashion team pushes the limits of contemporary creativity with persistent hard work. Fulfillment of our client’s needs is not a hollow concept; rather, it is the cornerstone of our creation. Following the latest development in home fashions, Orlena offers fully customized designs and patterns to its partners from the initial concept phase all the way to final delivery. Orlena is recognized for offering quality products, beautiful designs, exceptional values and honest and reliable service. Orlena Home… your “factory direct partner” for WASHABLE RUGS and beautiful textiles!