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With over 20 years of dedication, trust and experience, we know exactly what you want. There is a plethora of reasons why the best and most discerning furniture retailers work with us, and it cannot be summarized in a sentence. The success of your organization can be attributed to a reliable partner who understands your business model, your pain issues, and how to add value to your customers without compromising excellence. That is precisely what SBN does here. It is not about us but about you. We distinguish ourselves with our unique and absolute critical success factors that will aid you in growing your business fast. We are a trusted player with a proven track record of over 20 years. With our guaranteed promise, you have a partner who will accompany you on your journey to success. We design, source and deliver furniture and flooring products from around the world. Our strength is in our “Design and Source” options. This includes OEM (Your Designs, Your Standards) and ODM (Our Designs, Your Standards). By delivering exclusive designs and minimizing the opportunity costs of lengthy in-house product development cycles, our process enables our clients to outperform in their markets.