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H2 Seating Company

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H2 Seating was established to craft and produce seating furniture that provides the best way to relax, rest and recharge. From our Norwegian base we are building furniture based on proprietary know-how, expertise and technology that has taken decades to develop, perfect and refine. H2 Seating was founded by furniture industrialist Nils Gunnar Hjellegjerde and is a result of 80 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of quality motion furniture. The key to H2 success and development is our Norway innovation center, staffed with a highly experienced team of engineers, designers and furniture experts. We manufacture great furniture that are inspired by Norwegian nature and heritage and built on know-how and experience that has taken decades to perfect. Passionate and experienced furniture people combined with advanced engineering methods and a vertical integrated proprietary manufacturing processes provide H2 Seating with a unique competitive position. From our precise tailoring methods, advance manufacturing techniques to cutting-edge designs, we produce and deliver products with comfort, functionality and quality unlike any other in the industry.