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Knorr Marketing

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Knorr Marketing is a Full Service Advertising Agency and Marketing Firm. We build strategic marketing programs that allow home furnishing retailers to increase sales and gain market share while holding advertising accountable. Knorr Marketing embraces an Omni-channel marketing philosophy to build brand awareness and traffic. We employ traditional media as well as all digital medias such as IP targeting, Hyper Mobile Targeting, New Movers, SEM, Social and more with match-back sales to show ROI. National OTT (Over-the-Top) and CTV (Connected TV) streaming ads targeted to your specific demographics/lifestyles matching your customer profile on Internet Streaming CTV programming and devices used to access online programming (e.g. HULU, Sling TV, Smart TVs, etc.). Knorr Marketing will help empower you to track, inspire, and strengthen your marketing! • Branding • Strategic Planning • Responsive Websites • Social Media • Email Campaigns • Pay per Click • IP & Mobile ID targeting • Geo-Framing / Polygon Technology • Google AdWords • Direct Mail • Circular Programs • Broadcast (Linear TV, Internet Streaming CTV and Radio) • In-Store Advertising

Cutting Edge Killer Websites

KnorrWeb™ 5.0 is a feature rich, responsive website platform that is inspired by Knorr Marketing’s 30+ years of industry experience. Merges branding messages with technology designed to drive awareness and sales to the store while reaching customers who have never visited the store.

Streaming TV Made Easy!

It is expected that up to 30% of the U.S. will not have a paid cable subscription in 2019. Learn how to get in front of those cable cord cutters. Streaming is like regular TV + Enables all the targeting & delivery metrics as digital media. Visit Knorr Marketing and get those eyes back!