Radio Building - Back Mezzanine, Floor 2 Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line) Neighborhood: Downtown Main Corporate Phone: 52.5555768359

Orfeo Quagliata Studio

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Studio Orfeo Quagliata creates distinctive installation and designs in glass. His world renowned jewelry, flatware, vessels, furniture, lighting, sculptural objects as well as interior and exterior installations carry through with aesthetic integrity and solid craftsmanship. Based in Mexico City, the company was founded in 2000 by designer Orfeo Quagliata. The Studio explores the interplay between color and light with Orfeo’s innovative process trapping transparent glass between layers of vibrant color. The collections use hand-blown crystal and fused glass to transform everyday objects into functional works of art. Orfeos signature style is his playfulness within the medium and ability to create new processes in a centuries old art form