317 N. Main St. Shuttle Stop: 26 (Red Line) Neighborhood: North Elm Corporate Phone: 336-889-8998



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Valentini, for over 60 years, has brought the value of artisan culture and made in Italy all over the world. A family business history, in which experience and passion are handed down from generation to generation. Over the years, the Valentini company has given shape to collections of sofas, armchairs and beds with an exclusive character, transferring its vision of quality and comfort to the design of designer furniture that can meet the different needs of space and taste. The craftsmanship, which gives each product authenticity, is always accompanied by technological innovation, by careful stylistic and creative research and above all by a careful selection of materials. For Valentini, quality is not just a formula but an experience to be lived in its entirety: from quality materials, such as wood, which constitutes the soul of each product and determines the solidity of the structures, to the production processes in which know- how, manual skill and experience are intertwined, up to the planning of the comfort of each product to ensure maximum well-being in every moment of relaxation. alentini interprets the contemporaneity of spaces leaving a wide choice of expression in style: from the versatility of the design that offers ample modularity, to the infinite possibilities of creating combinations in the coverings. Extensive customization ensures that each product speaks of who chooses it, in all its nuances. Valentini, a quality to feel, touch and live.