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Busatti since 1842

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The first machineries to card wool are actually dated late 1700 early 1800 when after the French invasion, Napoleonic troops decided to install a production of uniforms in Anghiari for the Grande Armée (Grand Army). To dye them blue they started again cultivating Guado (woad similar to indigo), known since Piero della Francesca times who used it to paint his frescoes.Machineries, originally steam powered, were electrified in the 1930's by Livio Busatti when the company took its current look and structure. Busatti is a synonym of quality and tradition, but also of innovation because of a constant search of new designs, colors and models. We can meet any textile home decor and linen request. In addition to our normal production lines, we can customize any request to your specifications. We can make tablecloths, curtains, bath towels, fabric panels and many more in any dimension and shape. We can also create and make exclusive embroideries or a customized unique pattern

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