Suites At Market Square - Global Sourcing Pavilion, T-604, Top Floor Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line) Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm Corporate Phone: +90 (535) 108 0766

KMS Furniture Hardware

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Our company, which started to serve with the motto of innovation in 2002, started to produce for the furniture industry in its 5,000 m² factory. Our company, which can offer a “product family” to Turkey’s leading furniture companies thanks to its diversity in production and does this meticulously, has increased its recognition with the customer satisfaction it creates and always solution-oriented work. KMS offers the most innovative and highest quality products in the sector in the field of “furniture hardware” with its own molding room, paint shop and R&D center. It is a company that can offer customer-specific solutions in terms of color harmony and diversity, thanks to its digital painting, vintage painting, wood effect applications and high-tech paint shop, and can meet all kinds of needs thanks to its wide range of products such as furniture legs, handles, knobs, hangers and decorative panels. Working at European standards with its production quality, our company provides the most suitable solution to its customers in the sector in the shortest time with its “problem-solving-oriented” working system and its R&D and design team that renews itself day by day. We turn dreams into reality with our work discipline and effort, and we add new designs to our body every day on this path we set out with passion.