Suites At Market Square - M-6035, Mezzanine Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line) Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm Corporate Phone: 866.635.7155

Longleaf Collection

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The world highest quality door hardware. The smoothest process for designers, architects, and builders. Made by metallurgists. Built in the USA. 100% on time delivery. 100% on budget record. Easy processes. 20+ years experience. LongLeaf Collection is made by a team of metallurgists. Our facility produces some of the most precise metal pieces in the world, for extremely demanding conditions. Our hardware meets the same standards. We offer a comprehensive, competitive and elegant selection of custom manufactured door & bath hardware. We only use the best engineered and performing latches, locks, and mortise components on the market today. LongLeaf Collection is Proudly Made In America. We have a history and reputation for critical manufacturing, plus outstanding customer and technical service.